30 things about me…

1. My astological animal is the Rooster.

2. My favorite number is 29

3. I have a younger brother or sister

4. I have one daughter and her name is Caitlin

5. I’m a lefty

6. I’m a college graduate

7. I have one older brother

8. I have one nephew

9. My zodiac sign is Gemini

10. I enjoy watching TV series

11. I cannot sleep without my Ipod on

12. I cannot cook

13. I cannot drive

14. I’m not athletic at all

15. Meet my husband in a bar

16. I love my blackberry

17. I have 6 digital camera

18. I have 15 analog camera

19. I enjoy taking pics and posting them online

20. I love music. music videos, karaoke and bands!

21. I have 3 cellphones

22. I’m an 80’s baby

23. I love wrapping gifts

24. window shopping is my game

25. flavored fries is addicting, and  I love em!

26. I go to the mall at least once a week

27. both my house in Cebu and Manila is near a mall

28. i love my family.

29. I cannot read a map or remember roads.

30. I have a CS scar.



A must read blog entry


it is a journey where we can learn and be a better person.


Multilens is my current addiction, thanks to hubbys christmas gift which started all the hype.

You can download them at Apple app store for free, awesome for your Iphone, Itouch and Ipad.

Enjoy! =)

Leonas Red Velvet Experience

Since I’m relatively new in Cebu, I make a point to listen to my nieces and nephews talk about food – which resto to try and what to order.

One of the food that caught my attention is the red velvet cupcake from Leonas, I really love cupcakes and God knowsI fancy them because they are so cute, affordable and easy to eat.

I’ve been passing by Leonas almost everyday for two weeks on the way to our refilling station which I’m currently handling, so I basically think about those red velvet twice a day.

Yesterday was the day I finally got the chance to buy some and eat em too and it was heavenly, a little too sweet but it melts in your mouth. The cupcake is big, can be shared by two or more, depending on your appetite. It is also affordable. It costs P50.00 each, which is cheap because Cupcakes by Sonjas retails at P70.00 each and its a small cupcake.

I’m used to buying expensive food/desserts because I was born and raised in Manila and everything is expensive so it still shocks me from time to time how cheap everything is here in Cebu, especially food.

I will definitely force hubby to stop by Leonas so that I can buy Red Velvet cupcake again and try their other cupcakes as well.

Leonas Pastries and Cakes
F. Cabahug Street
Cebu City
032 233 0386

hello 2012!

it’s going to be a great year!

thank you God for all the blessings for 2011, for the unconditional love and trials that made me strong.

thank you to my family for always helping me and for loving me through good or bad.

thank you to my real friends for accepting me despite my flaws, for laughing and crying with me, for the foodtrips and roadtrips. I’m lucky to have you guys.

to people who i’ve been wronged, sorry and good luck.

to people who hate me, sorry you don’t like me. lets move on?

thank you my Caitlin for inspiring me to be a better person, for giving me a chance to be mommy, I will always be there for you, love you and take care of you. I Promise.

I’m sooo ready to start the year right, bring it on 2012!



Change is a tricky thing,
Expectations can ruin or make that change.

Iam a changed person and sad to say,
You don’t know me anymore.

You are the same person,
Nothing has changed.

Change is inevitable,
And so is dispointments.


We are back in Cebu and loving it!
Missed the food and my pamangkins!
Cait loves it here!


another day of realization,

a good day,

it is fading faster than expected,

I don’t deserve this,

I don’t want this,

the end.

Trick or Treat 2011

It was Cait’s first Trick or Treat (she was too young last year) and everyone was so excited to dress her up and collect candies as well as eat them afterwards. Her lolo bought her a costume 2 weeks before the said day and I tell you, my Caitlin’s costume is a winner! =) We went trick or treating at SM Southmall and AAV! A blast!

My Little FairyMy Little Fairy

Fairy Wings! Fly!

Cait with her goodies! =)

trick or treat AAV style

designated driver for the day

my baby had a wonderful time, so is her lola, yaya and kuya Chard =) it’s a wonderful experience and one that I will cherish forever. The joy of being a mom! =)

Hate Love

I’m scared of what I’m feeling, this is all so fast. I’m starting to not feel anything, letting go, not caring at all. I guess this is what I’ve been praying for, the ability to let go and tell the universe that I deserve better. Thank God!

One day I woke up and find myself not feeling the same, it is gone.

The irony of it all? I do not feel guilty nor sad. Iam happy.

I want to wake up soon with the acceptance that this is not what I dreamed of, not what I deserve and for sure not what I want.

I long for the day when I can get what I’m praying for, that God will give me what my heart desires, to make me happy.

I can say that I love unconditionally, that I fight hard, I give my 100%.

Thank you for giving me the strength, the will to let go and the power to move on.

Life is short and I want to spend the rest of my life, smiling. I want to be happy.